NICA Accreditation Program

Establishes industry benchmarks for quality and safety
Delivers value by driving best practices, quality standards, and excellence in care delivery
Positions the delivery channel to navigate future challenges and threats
Builds an Infusion Center of Excellence network across the country

The NICA Accreditation Program positions organizations for success amidst rapid market changes by creating a complete, standardized care delivery framework that focuses on consistent, high-value, cost-effective care.

The NICA Accreditation Program aims to improve consistency in the quality and safety across infusion enterprises, protect patients by providing objective measurement of high-quality infusion care, and promote awareness by highlighting National Infusion Centers of Excellence to payers, patients, and referring prescribers.

Accreditation Standards

The Accreditation Program requirements are based on the NICA Standards of Excellence for Ambulatory Infusion Centers. NICA developed the Standards to reduce disparities in care quality, support infusion providers' efforts to implement best practices, and help ensure patients receive high-quality infusion care in all settings.

As an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Accredited Standards Developer, NICA developed the Standards using an approved rigorous peer-review process to generate consensus among a diverse group of infusion delivery channel stakeholders.

The NICA Standards of Excellence for Ambulatory Infusion Centers represent the first and only Approved American National Standards for ambulatory infusion centers.

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Accreditation Process


If you're interested in becoming an Infusion Center of Excellence, ask the following questions:

  • Does your organization provide infusion services and identify as a Freestanding Infusion Center, Hospital-Based Infusion Center, Office-Based Infusion Center, or Pharmacy-Based Infusion Center?
  • Is your organization located and operating within the United States and/or US territories?
  • Does your organization have established and fully implemented policies and procedures?
  • Does your organization have at least one dedicated facility/site in which infusion services are provided?
  • Is your organization licensed and compliant with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, send us an email for more information on the many benefits of becoming a NICA Accredited Infusion Center of Excellence.


NICA Accreditation Program partners and collaborates with other organizations throughout the healthcare industry to further our impact on the provision of high-quality, cost-effective care. These strategic, collaborative partnerships provide NICA Accreditation Program participants with discounts and educational opportunities in support of accreditation and quality-care activities.


What types of infusion centers are eligible to participate?
How are the Standards developed?
Who is NICA?
How is the integrity of the Standards protected?
What do the NICA Accreditation Standards apply to?
What are the Accreditation Program objectives?
Is NICA Membership required to apply for or participate in the Accreditation Program?
How does NICA ensure the program is fair, unbiased, and free of conflicting interest?
What is the relationship between the NICA Standards and Accreditation?
What is involved in the Accreditation process?
Has NICA received deeming authority from CMS?
What questions should I ask my Accreditation body?

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